Public Meeting and 2015 AGM

A public meeting and the third AGM of Linlithgow Community Development Trust will take place on Sat 30 May 2015 in the Queen Margaret Hall at 2pm. We invite you all to join us to hear about our work to date and the next steps forward. This will be followed by a brief AGM with reports from the chair and treasurer and election of new board members. This is an early notice since the next newsletter will not have the 14 days required notice of the AGM.

The Board of LCDT is made up of member directors and co-
opted non-­member directors, with the latter being appointed on an as-­needed basis. Member directors must be members first, i.e. residents from within the community who have registered.

We would welcome new people to come forward and nominate themselves. To make the process as simple as possible, we would invite those interested to email Gill Fawcitt at (chair@trust­ ). Please provide your name, address, and a few words about what you could offer the trust. Gill will then collate these names and put them forward at the AGM. If there are more than the maximum number of directors allowed by the constitution then a ballot will be held. In this case, all nominees will be asked to make a short statement about themselves and how they feel they can benefit the trust.

The meeting and AGM are open to all residents in the town.

Only full members can vote.

The Agenda for the meeting will be sent out nearer the time of the AGM as will details of the various presentations.

To stay up to date, please consider joining us to receive our email updates.

Linlithgow Reed Band Christmas Concert

We hope that many LCDT members will support the Linlithgow Reed Band’s Christmas Concert in St Michael’s Church on Sunday 14 December 2014 at 7pm. The evening will be compered by Bruce Jamieson in his inimitable style and we can promise an entertaining mix of sparkling festive music and community carols. The proceeds from the concert will generously be shared between the Reed Band and Linlithgow Community Development Trust. Tickets are priced at a very reasonable £6, and are available online, in store at Far From The Madding Crowd and Norman Cummings and also at the door. See you there!

Kettilstoun Community Sports Hub – The Master Plan

Here at last is our latest masterplan detailing our proposals to create a multi sports hub at Kettilstoun Mains. We hope you like it! (Click for full size PDF)


We commissioned PMR Leisure to produce this plan back in Spring 2014 and, subject to the usual planning, funding, design and consultation processes, we hope to make this plan a reality in partnership with West Lothian Council (WLC) and West Lothian Leisure (WLL) over the coming months and years.

Delivery will most likely be phased over time and some details may yet change with the above plan representing our overall aspiration for the Kettilstoun site as a centre for sporting excellence in Linlithgow.

The above diagram was presented to the Trust in September after an extended consultation process, along with a written report summarised below.

Report Summary

Long term aims of the project:

  • To provide a home for local sports clubs that do not have current training facilities and storage space of their own
  • To help the clubs improve sporting participation, health and fitness
  • To complement existing facilities to create a regional sporting facility for events, coaching and training
  • To deliver a shared use community building for use by other clubs and community bodies including non sporting clubs.

Key features:

  • 1600 metre long multi loop Closed Road cycling and running track for shared use
  • Sprint Lanes/Long Jump area
  • Field athletics area
  • BMX Track and Skate Board Park
  • New landscaping along A706 and provision for cyclo-cross training/racing
  • Events/Marquee space
  • Multi user Community Sports Hub Building to include possible cafe, office space, community room, meeting room, training room, sports changing rooms, toilets, sports kit storage space, kayak storage space
  • Additional car parking in addition to that already planned by WLL/WLC

It is worth noting that these are in addition to separate proposals from WLL and WLL/WLC namely the Leisure Centre extension and new 3G football pitch.

The Hub building in particular is still very much open to further consultation with potential users and residents of Linlithgow. Maybe you run a club that needs more space and would like a home, or perhaps you just have a general suggestion for a possible use of the structure. Please let us know what you think! Click here for more information on what kinds of purposes community sports hubs serve or alternatively visit the Sport Scotland website.

Stakeholders Group

To drive the project forward from here, the Trust has set up a Stakeholders Group to steer, shape and deliver the project and also plan for its future management once built. So far it comprises representatives from the LCDT, West Lothian Clarion cycling club, Linlithgow Rose Community Football Club, Linlithgow Reed Band, Linlithgow Kayak Club, Linlithgow Athletics, WLC, WLL and an individual canal enthusiast who also has considerable experience of fund raising. If you feel you could contribute to this group then we want to hear from you.

The Trust has applied to the Legacy 2014 Sustainable Sport for Communities fund for £25,000 to enable the Stakeholders Group to develop a business plan, and to contribute towards funding further land surveys, legal costs and building design. The crucial date of the 27 November is when we will know if we have been successful or not. Watch this space as we will let you know the outcome with a post on the website.

The master plan was also developed with input from national sporting bodies for football, cycling, athletics and kayaking. These organisations are, along with Sport Scotland, highly supportive of the plans. Remember however, this does not mean we have instant access to funding – we still need a business plan in order to make our case stand up.

How can I help?

  • Join the Trust – the more members we have, the more credible our proposals are taken and the more likely we are to secure vital funding
  • Practical assistance – if you have relevant skills and/or time to spare please consider helping us in delivery of the project – just drop us a line letting us know who you are and what you are interested in
  • Get your club involved – if you can see benefits from this project for a club you are involved with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To join the Trust either:

  • Pick up a paper membership form from Linlithgow Library
  • Join online

Our goal is to be able to say that we have 10% of the town’s population behind us by the end of the year! Help us reach our target!

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you all for the benefit of Linlithgow. This report is just the beginning – there is still a long road ahead.

Queen’s Baton Relay Event

We shall be present in the form of a stall at the Queen’s Baton Relay event on Linlithgow Peel on Sunday 15th June. Why not take a break from the excitement of the Commonwealth Games to drop by for a chat with our lovely board members about how we can help to improve Linlithgow? We would love to meet you and hear your ideas if you can spare a moment between 10:30 and 14:00.

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Kettilstoun Draft Plans

Below are the draft plans for the Kettilstoun scheme. These are not the final plans but give an idea as to what kinds of facilities can be expected to be included in the final plans and an idea of the possible layout of the site. Click here to view a larger copy of the original PDF document. Please let us know your thoughts on the draft plans by sending us an email at

The draft plans for the Kettilstoun Project
The draft plans for the Kettilstoun Project

Kettilstoun Project Public Consultation

Tomorrow (Saturday 26th April) will see a public consultation regarding the Kettilstoun Project at the Burgh Halls from 10am-12pm. The plans shall be on display for the general public to comment on and raise any concerns. Come along to find out more and voice your opinion.

Kettilstoun Project and AGM

LCDT’s AGM will be upon us soon.

Queen Margaret Hall, Blackness Road is booked for 2pm on 15th March, and everyone is welcome to attend.

We are looking for new members to join the trust and for some new people to join the board of trustees too.

At the AGM, we’ll start with a display of projects/ideas. Some we are developing at good pace, with the support of local organisations, and others just ideas to explore with our members to see what they think.

The majority of the time will be given to giving a progress report on the Kettilstoun sports project. To hear your views.

We’ll also chat about community hubs, community energy, play parks, etc.

At the AGM, formal matters will be managed in terms of board members stepping down, being re-elected, new trustees, etc.

Ultimately this is a community company, run by local people, for local people. We need your support and encouragement to continue to do great things in our community and to re-invest any profits or benefit back into our community.

If you are interested in being a trustee and on the board, then please contact our Chair, Gillian Fawcitt.




We are now undertaking a survey of residents and local organisations to help shape the Community Trust’s strategy for the next few years.

– Surveys have now closed.


For the launch event, we produced a short video encapsulating some of the ideas from different people in our community.

The ideas are only tasters of the many possible projects which LCDT could get involved in.

Many thanks to all who helped in producing the film and participating in it.