With the help of the Strengthening Communities Grant, LCDT are very happy to have been able to appoint the following members of staff to help us reach our goals.


Pamela Barnes – Development Worker
We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” Cesar Chavez

6 years ago I moved to Linlithgow, with my husband, young daughter and another on the way. It won’t surprise anyone that it didn’t take long for us all to love living here and feel proud to call Linlithgow our home.

My professional background is in communications and research with a Scottish children and families charity. Before that I worked as a social researcher around health and social care, housing and community regeneration issues

During this past year I took some time away from work to be a full time mum and got more involved with some community groups. I loved connecting with local issues, and really getting to know some of the people and organisations that make the town tick.

So when the LCDT Development Worker opportunity arose this summer, I jumped at it. Combining community-led action with an enterprising approach? I like the sound of that.

I love the ethos of Community Development Trusts of just getting things done, being wholly community-owned and working collaboratively, to unlock the capacity of communities in these hard pressed times.

The multi-sport facility at Kettilstoun is such an exciting project. Since starting in this post it has been fantastic speaking to people about the plans and seeing the amount of support from across the community.

Looking to the future I feel privileged to be helping the Trust work towards the challenge of Linlithgow realising its full potential, capitalising on our wealth of assets and working together with the plethora of community groups. Growing our membership, and really engaging with the whole community is going to be key for the future and what we can achieve. I’m really looking forward to this and helping the Trust become an established part of community life in our wonderful town.

More details about our community engagement plans will follow shortly. But in the meantime if you’re involved in a local community group (or just fancy a chat!) I’d love to hear from you. You can email me on, call 07981 922 490 or pop into the Vennel office across from the library anytime during school hours.

Rebecca Holmes – Development Worker

I’m an Aussie who married a Scot and ended up calling this gorgeous country home. I’m mum to two young girls and a puppy and I live and work in central Linlithgow.

I grew up in a small country town in Australia. Community events were a regular highlight of my childhood, as was spending time helping my neighbours. All my family worked with community organisations in their spare time, it was just part of our family culture.

Back then – community wasn’t something we talked about – it just… Was.

My husband and I moved to Linlithgow over 10 years ago in search of such a community. We very quickly realised how lucky we’d been to choose to live here. I can’t see us ever wanting to leave! With our nearest relatives an hour away, and my family on the other side of the world, the local community is really important to us.

I have a bit of a varied background from musical theatre, Restaurant Manager, Photographer, Administrator in both charities and multi-national corporations, to most recently an IT Change Manager.

When I’m not working with LCDT or Mummy-ing, you’ll find me either Chairing the Low Port Primary PTA, or lobbying for greater care and support for those with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (I’m a chronic illness warrior).

Working with LCDT has been the ideal opportunity for me to utilise my skills whilst supporting the community that I love. I am particularly excited about leading the EH49 Hub project. We have such a wealth of knowledge and experience in the town, and a LOT of community groups and volunteering heroes.

But, as I’ve experienced first-hand, we often get so caught up making progress that we don’t look up to see what others are doing.

Recently in my PTA role, I connected with the Chairs of the other Linlithgow Primary Schools. We had so much to talk about! In only an hour I managed to calm some of my worries, gather some good ideas, and begin planning a collaboration that will save us all time and money whilst increasing our profile and income.

I wish I had done it sooner!

EH49 Hub will provide all of us with an anchor point. A way of connecting, collaborating and strengthening each other whether we run a business, work in a community group, are looking for work, or starting a new initiative.

If you would like more information on EH49 Hub please don’t hesitate to contact me on or 07970 318 566.

I look forward to getting to know many of you during my time with LCDT!

Lesley-Anne Gourlay – Administrator

I moved to Linlithgow at the age of 4 and for the following 20 years was proud to call this beautiful and iconic little town ‘home’.

I had a memorable childhood growing up in Linlithgow and attended St Joseph’s Primary school. What I love about the town is that although we inevitably find ourselves moving with the times… It always seems to retain that wonderful feeling of nostalgia and charm. I love the quaintness of the High Street – and not many towns can boast a view similar to that of the wonderful Loch and Palace.

I worked locally In Tesco for 5 years whilst at University and also met my husband Graham in Linlithgow. We got married in 2005 at St Michael’s Church, with some fantastic pictures taken inside the Palace (Despite being in April – I recall it wasn’t the warmest of days! But then that’s the good old Scottish weather for you!)

Once our first born son arrived, we quickly realised our 2 bedroom house in Linlithgow wasn’t quite big enough and we ‘ve since moved just outside the town to the Drum in Bo’ness. I’m now a mum to 3 boys and so safe to say there is never a dull moment in our house! My parents and In-laws also live in Linlithgow and so you’ll often see me around town most days.

I recently became involved with the Linlithgow Community Development Trust as I am really keen to support the town through opportunities for collaboration and networking. By working together, I want to see our local businesses and community groups thrive.

‘’It’s good for all of the community. Anytime the community can come together – everyone benefits.’’ – David Mason

Aside from my involvement with the Trust, I also run my own Virtual Administration business which is based at Mill Road Estate in Linlithgow Bridge.

You’ll find me hosting at the EH49 Hub on our scheduled coworking days so pop in anytime for a coffee and a chat. You can also contact me on 07557 906 708 or email I hope to see you in the Hub very soon!