Investing In Communities Fund

The Investing in Communities Fund is a Scottish Government initiative which;

‘focuses on strengthening community organisations to help them provide activities and services which meet their communities’ needs. It invests in community organisations that are close to becoming sustainable, but need more support to help them achieve it. The investment allows them to work on more ambitious projects and initiatives.’

The grant provides funding for personnel to deliver a set of objectives aimed at Strengthening the local community. At present, the grant pays for all three of our members of staff.

Our current grant lists the following as key objectives for the LCDT;

  • Strengthened community groups and succession planning in roles and leadership.
  • More people benefiting from volunteering experiences, especially young people.
  • Increased and better connected social enterprise activity.
  • Potential community-led development opportunities supported by embedded robust project initiation and management processes.
  • The West Lothian Cycle Circuit is recognised as an inclusive and accessible facility that will serve the whole community and wider area, including people using wheelchairs and those with mental health needs
  • An established network for community organisations and businesses has increased networking and collaboration opportunities and encouraged local enterprise and investment.
  • More people in Linlithgow, including more excluded groups, are involved with LCDT, contributing to the promotion of a fair and inclusive community.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.