Funding Secured for LCDT Community Recovery Plan from Covid-19

Linlithgow Community Development Trust is delighted to have secured a grant from the Scottish Government’s Adapt and Thrive Programme.

This programme aims to support third sector organisations adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and build back better to thrive in the future.

The grant will support us to deliver a recovery plan that reflects on our current operations and priorities, and determine which areas need to change, flex, innovate, or grow in order to be resilient and financially sustainable during and post COVID-19.

A key part of our plan is to carry out a community consultation over the next few months. This extensive dialogue with members, organisations and across the wider community will help identify needs and priorities. So that together, looking to the future, we can design and develop community-led services and amenities to make the Linlithgow Ward an even better place to live and work.

Look out for our initial members’ consultation coming soon!

Your views and contribution are really valued as we progress this work. And if you are interested in helping with the consultation process you can contact Pamela for an informal chat about volunteer opportunities on 07981 922 490 or by email on

Renew Your Membership to Have Your Say

As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic now, more than ever before, the future is all about local. We want to encourage people to embrace their local neighbourhood by spending more time locally, shopping local, using green spaces, cycling and walking where possible and supporting local wherever they can.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust also wants to continue to focus our priorities on what is important to the local community. So, we are asking our existing members to renew their membership which helps support the work we are doing.

You may have also seen we announced our proposed merger with Transition Linlithgow, which will sit as a project within LCDT. So, this is a good time for us to review our membership list and ensure it is up-to-date, relevant to the new organisation and data compliant.

Member benefits include:

  • Opportunity to take part in our annual members ‘Have Your Say’ consultation to influence LCDT priorities.
  • Be part of a community-led organisation.
  • Develop new skills and experiences by accessing our volunteering opportunities.
  • Access to learning and training events.
  • Receive our Community News e-newsletter.

West Lothian Cycle Circuit

Our flagship project is the West Lothian Cycle Circuit. Since 2014 this has been a labour of love over the years with challenges along the way.
The vision is for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy cycling and increase their cycling confidence.

To do this we are creating a 1km tarmac traffic-free circuit made up of four loops, for drop-in sessions, club use and organised activities.
Planning permission is in place and £572k of funding is secured to deliver the first phase (a 0.5km two loop circuit), thanks to the incredible support of our local community!
At the start of the year our successful crowdfunding campaign raised over £30k. This covers the costs of floodlighting, creating a facility to be enjoyed all year round. Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers who made this happen.


Our community energy enterprise project Linlith-Go-Solar aims to make solar work for the benefit of the whole town. We have had two successful phases of the project which has seen solar PV panels installed at Linlithgow Rugby Club, Linlithgow Golf Club and Linlithgow Sports Club.

£42K was successfully raised locally through our Community Bond offers which have helped fund these projects.
These solar panels are now producing cheap electricity for the clubs and paying back bond holders, not to mention being eco-friendly. Over the years ahead as the initiative make a surplus, this will allow LCDT to reinvest back into the community to support local projects. We have ambitious plans for phase 3 to create a place that is sustainable in energy, creating local jobs, business opportunities, community benefits, and young people’s opportunities.

The Community

The community is at the heart of all we do, and LCDT would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers in our town. Our community groups’ consultation in 2017 led us to develop a number of priorities.

We piloted the EH49 Hub, a twice-weekly co-working space at the Star & Garter Café. We also ran learning events for groups and businesses, a virtual business network and set up our popular Community Cake events, which now run online.
Last year we created and launched It is truly a one-stop-shop for all the information you will need about Linlithgow, with directories of local businesses, community groups, venues, and a ‘what’s on’ calendar of local (and virtual!) events, activities and classes. The site contains tourist information, the town’s history and local volunteering opportunities. We also keep everyone updated via our social media channels.
We are now revisiting the creation of a new co-working hub/community space for the town. Would you be interested in using a co-working space in the town? Is so please let us know!

Transition Linlithgow

Transition Linlithgow’s work began in 2008 and has focused on taking action on local issues of sustainability and climate change.

Current projects include Linlithgow Tool Library and electric van and bike hire.

We also have projects on digital technology donations, plastic-free Linlithgow and encouraging active travel. You can find out more about TL’s previous work at

The Future

To continue developing these projects, and new ones, we need your help to show we have the support of the town. This can help us access funding pots to help progress our work. We also want to hear what your priorities are so that we can focus on what matters most to the community.
Please renew your membership to continue receiving member benefits at It will only take a few minutes of your time.
We would also love it if you are able to share with any other locals who may be interested – thank you!
Please be assured we will only retain and process your information in line with GDPR for the purposes of maintaining our membership list and contacting members. You can view our GDPR Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy on our privacy policy page.

Announcing LCDT’s Annual General Meeting 2020

Linlithgow Community Development Trust warmly invites members to our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 12th November, 7.30-9pm.

As well as the usual AGM business, election/re-election of Board Directors and presentation of the Annual Accounts, this is a chance to hear from LCDT Board Directors and staff about the past year’s achievements and highlights, and to join the discussion about LCDT’s exciting plans going forward.

  • Meeting the challenges of the town’s community development priorities.
  • Working together for a Green Recovery in Linlithgow, creating a wonderful place to live, work and visit for years to come.

To register for this online Zoom event please email

The LCDT Story is Featured in the Latest Issue of Linlithgow’ Community Magazine!

Linlithgow Community Development Trust was established in 2012. But are you aware of all the work we have been doing over the last eight years in the local community?

If you aren’t, watch out for the forthcoming issue of The Black Bitch Magazine on page 10 & 11. In the new edition, we are celebrating our achievements to date and sharing future plans.

The article shares details of our role in co-ordinating the community response to Covid-19. It also recognises the progress and achievements, of which we are very proud, made in our three key projects:

We currently have ten Directors on the Board, all Linlithgow locals who are committed to improving the town. The key to our success is the leadership provided by the Board. We are committed to succession planning and anticipate that we will require additional skills in the next few years. So, if you are an experienced fundraiser, passionate about getting the most out of digital, or committed to the Green Recovery including renewable energy. For an informal chat about joining the Board please email

LCDT Chair, Fraser Falconer, notes “LCDT has achieved a great deal of important work in the community over the years. To continue what we do we need your help! We want to engage local people to become more involved. In these very challenging times, many of us believe in the strength of the talent and resources within the town and surrounding areas. We would be delighted to see you at our AGM.”

We recently held a Board strategy session focussing on our future direction, community development priorities and exciting opportunities. We look forward to discussing this at our Annual General Meeting on the 12th November. Save the date!!

Can You Help Us Spread the Word About Community News?

We want to make sure as many local people as possible have access to our weekly Community News. It is posted every week on the My Linlithgow website and we send it out to subscribers of the LCDT mailing list.

You can subscribe to receive it directly to your inbox at and we would appreciate you sharing with any local friends and family. Thank you!

Generous Donation of Face Coverings to the Community

Generous Donation of Face Coverings for the Linlithgow Community

Face coverings look set to be around for the foreseeable future. Using a reusable face covering has a number of advantages:

  • You can buy or make the covering using a comfortable material
  • The covering can be easily washed and used again. This might help you save money, especially if you need to regularly wear one.
  • They are more sustainable and better for the environment.

There is no additional benefit in using a disposable covering versus a washed and clean reusable cloth one.

Evidence from the UCL Plastic Innovation Hub has shown that if every person in the UK used one single-use mask each day for a year, it would create 66,000 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste. This would create ten times more climate change impact than using reusable masks.

If you haven’t tried a reusable fabric face covering yet, then here is your chance!

LCDT has received an extremely generous donation of double-layered fabric masks (with a pocket for a filter) from Marjorie Goldie. She has been very busy working away to produce over well over 100 masks for children, youths, and adults. We have shared some with Linlithgow Young People’s Project but there are many still available. If you would like one for you and your family please contact

We are very lucky to have had an amazing community of mask makers in the town who have made masks for family, friends and many local organisations. Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported this community effort.

If you are interested in making masks but aren’t quite sure where to start there is a Facebook group – Linlithgow Mask Makers – with a friendly community of mask makers who will be able to offer some advice.

People must by law now wear a face covering in shops, on public transport and public transport premises such as railway and bus stations and airports, and in certain other indoor public places such as shops, libraries and places of worship.

There is no evidence to suggest there might be a benefit outdoors from wearing a face covering unless in a crowded situation.

Some people are not required to wear a face covering. These include babies, toddlers and children under 5 years of age, and people with certain health conditions or if you are disabled.

Full details of where face coverings are required, and exemptions, can be found on the Scottish Government website. There is lots of helpful information and guidance about wearing masks on the World Health Organisation website.

Linlithgow Coronavirus Support Service on Pause

The Linlithgow Coronavirus Support group is pausing its service from Friday August 14th.
The service was established by the Linlithgow Churches working in partnership with Linlithgow & Linlithgow Bridge Community Council and Linlithgow Community Development Trust. The service is ensuring that no-one is left without support beyond August 14.
The group is made up of over 100 volunteers and since March has responded to over 200 requests for practical support. This has been mainly either shopping for clients or collecting prescriptions. A smaller number of people have sought and received on-going emotional support by phone. However, the number of requests has gradually reduced, from up to 20 a week in the early days to less than one a day in recent weeks.

Service co-ordinator Alan Miller (pictured above) said “Many regular users of our service have now found other forms of support, which is great. Thankfully, the fact that shielding has been paused also means many more people are once again able to be self-sufficient.” Alan also said “People have headed out in all weathers and sometimes at very short notice to deliver urgent prescriptions, or to shop for all sorts of necessities. Clients have been extremely appreciative.”

The service can be restored very quickly if, unfortunately, that proves necessary in the future. However in the meantime, a very big thank you to all the volunteers in the group for their fantastic efforts over the last five months!
It has been fantastic to see so many people within the town volunteering their time during lockdown. Linlithgow Community Development Trust are keen to harness those volunteers and anyone else who may be interested in volunteering.

We are currently working on the volunteering directory on My Linlithgow to ensure we can advertise opportunities within the local area for those keen to continue volunteering. You can view current volunteering opportunities here.
We are also investigating setting up a Timebank in Linlithgow. Timebanking is a way you can give your time in the community to meet people, swap skills and get some help back. Timebanks run all over the UK and there is a network organisation Timebanking UK.

Locally there is a Timebank already set up in Fauldhouse & Breich Valley Community Development Trust if you want to see an example of what’s going on.
If your garden is unruly or the walls need painting, a Timebank can find someone to do your jobs in return for you helping someone else. That could be anything from doing some shopping, knitting a jumper, or providing some help on using a computer!
You bank your hours and then can donate them to a friend/family member/charity or take them yourself, it’s totally up to you! Watch this space for more information or email if you’re interested in finding out more.

Virtual Community Cake

We welcomed individuals representing a number of local community groups at our first online Community Cake event last week.

There was representation from the following groups:

Scotch Hop Linlithgow Farmily
Linlithgow String Orchestra Linlithgow Churches
West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club St Peters Church
Linlithgow Twinning Association Linlithgow Folk Festival Association
New Well Wynd Garden Transition Linlithgow

We’ve had brilliant feedback from community groups that Community Cake events are a great way to meet people from other groups and do some friendly networking. We wanted to give groups opportunities to do this by trying out an online event.

Lockdown Activities

All the groups had been busy over lockdown, with lots of innovative activities taking place. We heard about music sessions over zoom, online bike time trials, community prayers, searching for hidden objects around the town, and the further development of the new community garden at New Well Wynd. There have also been quizzes, virtual dancing, throwbacks to previous years, zoom meetings, provision of support for members of the community who need it and the creation of a network of 650 families growing their own veg across the town. Busy busy!


There were lots of ideas and enthusiasm for bringing people together in different ways and/or establishing activities which create a sense of community. One idea was small musical performances around the town, perhaps members of a street delivering socially distanced recitals. Or households decorating windows with a specific theme which can be enjoyed as people walk around the town, similar to rainbows and teddy bears during lockdown. There is already a nature trail planned for Book Week in November.

Support Needs

The following points were noted for consideration of further investigation and discussion.

  • Capitalising on volunteers who have offered their time during Covid-19.
  • How to access funding as opportunities are more limited at present. Covering how to go about it/best practice/governance.
  • Look at opportunities to formalise sharing of resources across groups within the town.

Next Event

The next Community Cake event will be held on Wednesday 2nd September at 7.30pm. The theme will be sharing funding opportunities and fundraising ideas. If you are interested in attending please contact

Linlithgow is Open for Business Again!

After more than three months of lockdown, the moment businesses and customers have been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. John Smith from One Linlithgow Business Initiative District (BID) shares the latest news.

It’s not only the historic High Street that burst back into life last week, but businesses throughout the town, including Mill Road industrial estate at Linlithgow Bridge.

Things are beginning to return to ‘normal’ but the Scottish Government’s vital ‘stay safe’ message has been given the number one priority to ensure the wellbeing of customers and staff alike.

One Linlithgow BID was voted in by businesses throughout the town towards the end of last year and was expecting to be working on a raft of measures to promote and support levy payers. Instead, the organisation has focussed almost entirely on providing vital practical assistance for a wide range of businesses as they try to cope with the restrictions necessary to ensure the pandemic does not return.

Eddie Linton-Smith, One Linlithgow BID co-ordinator, said they were delighted to see so many more businesses re-open. “But we need to make sure they can be sensible about hygiene and distancing,” he said.

“To that end, we’re supplying every bricks-and-mortar business in Linlithgow with bespoke PPE kits, including hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and masks, as well as distancing stickers, tapes and posters.”

The BID has secured £15,000 of Scottish Government funding, over and above part of a national support package for BIDs in Scotland. Eddie said “In the first two weeks we’ve given out over 50 PPE kits, and paid out a dozen grants, with many more in the pipeline. In total we’ve already provided £2,500 of direct support, and we’re just getting started!”

He added “To say the least, the last few months have been extremely difficult for many. Businesses in Linlithgow have shown incredible innovation and resilience. So despite everything we’re looking forward to a thriving local economy once again.”

Linlithgow’s Community of Mask Makers

From 10th July face masks will become mandatory in shops, with exemptions for children under 5 and people with certain medical conditions.

The Scottish Government has been recommending the use of face masks for some time now. As of 22nd June, face coverings became mandatory on all public transport.

Yesterday we heard new changes to ease the coronavirus restrictions. This means more places in town will open such as outdoor cafes and beer gardens, and businesses with appropriate health and safety measure in place. Leisure travel restrictions are being lifted and children under 12 will no longer need to maintain physical distancing from other households outdoors.

“As we start to interact more, it is vital we take all reasonable steps to reduce risk, and we know that face coverings can reduce the risk of transmission indoors”, Nicola Sturgeon First Minister stated.

Re-useable fabric face masks – easy access for all

Many local people have already been busy making fabric masks for themselves, friends and family. It has been wonderful to see people’s generosity to help keep our community safe.


If you’d like to try making a mask yourself there is a Linlithgow Mask Makers Facebook group for local sewers to support each other sharing advice on sewing, materials and patterns.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust wants to make sure everyone in Linlithgow has easy access to re-usable face masks for shopping and using public transport. LCDT is inviting local sewers to contact who would like to help.  Financial support can be provided to purchase material. Thank you to those who have already been in touch.

A central drop-off point has been set up for donating masks. Initially these will be distributed to local people most in need of masks via links with community organisations working with vulnerable people in our town such as Linlithgow Link1st Step and Linlithgow Young People Project.

If you are a business or community group that is looking for face masks for your staff or volunteers please get in touch with and LCDT can try to help.

Let’s help Linlithgow become and remain a coronavirus free zone.