The first Linlithgow Soup!

We had a fantastic evening at the first Linlithgow Soup – thank you so much to everyone that came, helped out on the night and supported the event.

42 people attended and we enjoyed delicious soup courtesy of Mustard Seeds from 1st Step Cafe

It was so fantastic to hear all the heartfelt pitches from Linlithgow Link, Lochside Playgroup, 1st Step Cafe, Linlithgow Young People’s Project and West Lothian Food Train.

Congratulations to Linlithgow Link who had the winning pitch. They provide volunteer drivers to take people to the hospital and medical appointments, and they also run the Caring Cafe for people with dementia. Bert Lawson from Linlithgow Link explained that they had had their Council funding cut and are at risk of closure next year if they can’t raise enough funds.

Afterwards, Bert said “I really enjoyed taking part in the pitch. The others were worthy contenders for winning the pot, all five could have won.” Here he is receiving £185 winnings from our Chair, Fraser Falconer.

We also raised £90 from the raffle, which helped cover the soup and venue costs. Thank you very much to Bright Star Toys, Granary Cafe, Rebecca Holmes Photography, Transition Linlithgow and some of our LCDT volunteers, who all very generously donated raffle prizes.

Our Development Worker Pamela Barnes said; “It was wonderful to see so many people at the first-ever Linlithgow Soup. All five pitches were fantastic and truly heartfelt. It was really hard for folk to vote for their favourite! I’m delighted Linlithgow Link won, and also hope every group felt it was worthwhile taking part. It was such a great, supportive atmosphere, a real community event. Thank you to everyone who attended, for their generosity, and helping the evening be a great success. I’m looking forward to the next one already!”

We will be holding another Linlithgow Soup in 2020, so watch this space to find out more details.

Linlith-go-solar 77% of the way to fully funded!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have successfully met our 5 year and 11 yr investment targets for the Linlith-go-solar project!
With 17 days still left before closing date, the Linlith-Go-Solar Community Bond offer has reached 77% of its investment target. So there is still time and opportunity to get involved in the offer. We are looking for local people who would like to take an 8 year investment and help us to secure 100% of the investment needed to go the project the GO ahead.
For more information and to apply for a bond/s please visit;

All welcome at LCDT’s Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Linlithgow Community Development Trust will take place at 7 pm on Thursday 6th December at the Low Port Centre, 1 Blackness Road, Linlithgow EH49 7HZ.

As in previous years, we’re pleased to be able to provide some light refreshments for all attendees.

The agenda is as follows;

We have enjoyed a very active and productive year, and the next 12 months promises to be just as exciting for LCDT.

While members of LCDT are invited to vote on matters, all members of the community are welcome to attend the AGM to celebrate LCDT’s successes and hear more about our plans for the future. Should you wish to sign up as a member you can do so either at the AGM or  now, here.

Should you have any queries regarding the AGM, please let us know by contacting

Hope to see many of you then! is on its way!

We’re very pleased to announce the creation of!

LCDT are currently working on the development of a new community website,

The purpose of the site is to;

  • Promote community groups (and businesses) and their activities and events to local residents (and wider)
  • Promote Linlithgow volunteering opportunities and increase the volume of local volunteers (of all ages)
  • Develop connections between local people, groups and increase sharing of learning, resources and knowledge

The project is currently being funded with help from Tesco Bags of Help.

At present we are focusing on the first phase of the project which will deliver;

  • The site structure – fully scalable for future phases
  • A live list of events in the town
  • An interactive database of community groups with a page for each group to populate with their aims, opportunities and activities
  • A list of volunteering opportunities currently available in Linlithgow
  • A database of venues for hire
  • Branding and marketing for the site, including ensuring the page sits at the top of Google search results
  • A website administrator function to ensure the site is kept up to date at all times

A good example of what we’re aiming for can be found on the Five Sisters Communities Hub site

We will be holding a community consultation drop-in on Monday 19th November from 4.30-6.30pm at the Low Port Centre. The Linlithgow community are invited to drop in at any point, hear more about the project, and have their say about what they’d like to see on the site.

We look forward to welcoming you on the 19th!

Our next Community Cake – Marketing is not just for businesses

Following the huge success of our September event we are very pleased to announce our next Community Cake.

When speaking to community groups we very often hear them say they need help to;

  • Recruit volunteers
  • Engage people in their activities (such as attending events)
  • Get the word out about what they do and how they do it

It’s really easy in a busy group to focus on the tools that help you get the word out – such as newsletters, social media, flyers etc. But this is missing a key step.

Focusing on tools without a strategy in place is like trying to build a wooden house without a solid foundation. At best it’ll stand up for a few weeks, at worst it’ll blow down at the first sign of wind (name a storm anyone?). Without a solid marketing strategy the hard work you put in to getting the word out there could be completely lost in the sea of information bombarding the average citizen.

In this workshop we’ll talk about why community groups need to think about marketing, how to think about it strategically (it’s easy, and not time consuming at all!) and how spending  a little time on this can translate into a clearer message for your audience – and ultimately, a greater level of engagement.

At this event we’ll welcome three fantastic speakers, we’ll have lots of opportunities for sharing ideas and knowledge… And of course, plenty of cake!

Attendance is free for representatives of West Lothian community groups and charities. To reserve your place please RSVP to

Please note the new venue – the fantastic new St Peters extension.

Linlith-go-solar is GO! Will you join us?

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Linlith-go-solar community bond scheme, in partnership with Linlithgow Rugby Club and Scottish Communities Finance Ltd.

This is an exciting opportunity for lots of local folk to invest in building a sustainable future for our town.

So how does it work?

  • In order to build this phase of the project, the pilot phase, LCDT needs £17,700.
  • We’re raising this money through community investment. Local people investing their money to make the project happen.
  • Bonds are just £50 and you can purchase one, or many.
  • You receive interest on these bonds, and they’re repaid back to you in 5, 8 or 11 years – you choose the length of investment.
  • The bond offer is administered by Scottish Communities Finance. Their purpose is to; “assist communities to raise capital from within their community and create funds that can be used to address the needs of communities, thus making them more vibrant and resilient”

What are the key benefits?

  • Reduced energy costs for those being supplied by the energy generated. In this initial pilot phase, this will be the Rugby Club, in future phases, this could be any number of individuals or organisations.
  • Income generated for the local community. Once the enterprise starts making a profit this profit will be reinvested back into community initiatives. For this pilot phase this amount will be small, but as we scale up in future phases this could be a considerable sum. This money will reduce Linlithgow’s reliance on external funding for local initiatives.
  • Linlithgow would own a community energy project committed to making Linlithgow climate friendly.
  • Linlithgow’s youth can be involved in the project gaining valuable experience.
  • Those without the ability to buy solar panels can still invest in renewable energy.

Im in! Where do I start?

Click here to be redirected to Scottish Communities Finance for more information, and to complete an application form. The application process is easy and you can pay via BACS, cheque or Paypal.

Linlith-go-solar Launch

Come along this Sunday for the launch of our new project, Linlith-go-solar ☀️. In this first phase of the project, the pilot, we’re going to install a Solar PV system to generate green electricity on the Linlithgow Rugby Club roof. The first phase will be funded by a community bond offer administered by Scottish Communities Finance. Selling electricity from the Solar PV system will pay back bonds and create surplus for local community initiatives. This is a very exciting project and a great step towards Linlithgow earning it’s own money to be spent in on the local community. It’s also a great opportunity for locals to invest in green energy and the community. If you have any queries ahead of the launch please email Hope to see you there!

Can you help us?

Volunteers with specific experience

As well as general volunteers, we are are often on the lookout for specific skills to help us with a particular task or project. At present we are on the lookout for the following;

  • Someone to help us with branding the community portal website
  • A person with experience of project managing the delivery of community facilities
  • Anyone with fundraising experience
  • Volunteers who are keen to get involved with administering websites
  • Speakers who have something interesting to share at either a Community Cake event or a Learning Exchange event
  • Someone with law experience either to join our Board or act in an advisory capacity
  • People with finance experience to bolster our team
  • Anyone with an interest in community energy schemes

If you think you might fit into one of the above categories, please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk through what we’re needing help with.

Board members

We are also currently on the lookout for new members for our Board of Directors. If you would like to get involved in such an exciting time for the Trust, please get in touch.

Next learning exchange – Marketing Foundations

Local business owners are warmly invited to attend November’s learning exchange

Marketing Foundations
with Kevin Anderson of The Story Edge

Monday 5th November, 9am – 3pm
The Old Pavilion
By Linlithgow Cricket Ground, Edinburgh Road, Linlithgow

EH49 Hub Learning Exchange days combine networking, learning and co-working into a bi-monthly event.

For our first full day event we are very pleased to present Kevin Anderson of The Story Edge.

In the session Kev will share with you;
1. His Marketing Clarity Model to help you build your marketing foundations.
2. His Story Stack Model, to help you become a confident business storyteller.

The day costs £25 per head, which includes refreshments throughout, a delicious lunch, the two hour Marketing Foundations session and space/wifi for co-working/networking.

To find out more or to book your space, please email

About Kevin Anderson

Kev Anderson is a marketing consultant and client story specialist. He’s the founder of The Story Edge a marketing consultancy that helps businesses and charities solve their communications problems. Kev’s worked in a number of marketing roles within the publishing and IT sectors for The Sunday Times, D.C. Thomson, NCR and Viacom.

In early 2015 he launched his business and ever since, he’s been on a mission to simplify the World of marketing for organisations large and small. He delivers a mix of consulting and training around his Marketing Clarity Model. And, as the name of his company suggests – storytelling has a major part to play in his communication philosophy.

Kev’s love of story goes beyond ‘work’, as, in his spare time, he’s a passionate creative writer who has recently started penning his first novel.

All funds raised from this event go back into helping LCDT further it’s aim ‘to make Linlithgow a better place to live and work, through a community led plan of action which provides services, amenities and/or financial support to local initiatives’.