‘A community energy enterprise for Linlithgow’
Latest news: LCDT has already completed a pre-tender selection process for this Linlith-go-solar solar pilot project. If any other suppliers would like to bid, please contact: or 07827294879 by 14th December.
The Linlith-go-solar is LCDT’s newest initiative. The project aims to create a solar energy scheme for the benefit of the local community.
Linlith-go-solar will;
  • Put solar panels on various locations throughout the town
  • Sell the energy generated to the local community
  • Use the surplus revenue created to help community initiatives
The first pilot phase of the project is to install a community Solar PV system on the Linlithgow Rugby Club’s new training facility roof.
LCDT and Scottish Communities Finance Ltd have launched a new community bond scheme to finance the first pilot phase of the project. Bonds are only £50 each and can be invested for either 8 years. 
We are seeking local people and businesses to buy bonds to get this pilot project off the ground.

Benefits to local people & community

Short-term (Year 1):

  • Savings in energy supply costs and carbon for Linlithgow’s Rugby Club.
  • Demonstrating we can own and deliver an energy enterprise that will put money back into local community projects.
  • Training and voluntary opportunities for our young people, including social media, marketing, technical and enterprise activities — already underway.
  • Investment opportunity in solar energy even if you don’t have suitable roof or land.

Long-term (Year 2 and beyond):

Phase 2 will involve scaling up the project to other roof and ground locations, and this will:
  • Generate a significant community benefit fund over 25 years.
  • Create jobs, volunteering and training opportunities in managing and developing the new enterprise.
  • Provide cheaper, greener, accessible local supplies of electricity owned and run by the community.

To find out details about the bond offer, or to apply for bonds please visit Scottish Communities Finance Ltd.

If you would like to discuss the project further, please do not hesitate to contact local trustee Neil Barnes, 07827294879 or 01506 238935 for more information and informal discussion about the project.

Transition Linlithgow are also offering free home energy visits and advice. Please contact Susannah Jennings,; 07483 337881