Linlithgow Repair and Reuse Café

Repair Cafés give you the chance to bring in an items in need of repair (clothes, small electricals, tools, toys or furniture) and spend time with a skilled volunteer. As the item is repaired you learn how to maintain and mend for a more resilient and self-reliant future. The benefits of repairing over replacing your item are many – saving money, reducing waste and preventing the carbon emissions associated with the production of new items.

Payment for the repair of your items is by donation only. The kettle is always on at our events and you can also spend some time checking out our reuse table filled with items that are completely free to take. We also have a ‘take one leave one’ bookshelf that has great titles for you to take home.

See below for a selection of items we’ve repaired so far, but we’re happy to take a look at most things*! If we can’t repair your item we can work with you to find a sustainable way to move forward, which might include finding a professional repairer, upcycling, donating or recycling.

If you have any questions about the Linlithgow Repair and Reuse Cafés, or would like to ask about becoming a volunteer repairer with us, please email

*There are a couple of items we sadly cannot consider for repair – microwaves, anything containing asbestos, any petrol-powered tools and anything too large to be carried in to the café.