Pamela Barnes – Development Worker

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” Cesar Chavez

8 years ago I moved to Linlithgow, with my husband, young daughter and another on the way. It won’t surprise anyone that it didn’t take long for us all to love living here and feel proud to call Linlithgow our home. My professional background is in communications and research with a Scottish children and families charity. Before that I worked as a social researcher around health and social care, housing and community regeneration issues.

During this past year I took some time away from work to be a full-time mum and got more involved with some community groups. I loved connecting with local issues, and really getting to know some of the people and organisations that make the town tick.

So when the LCDT Development Worker opportunity arose this summer, I jumped at it. Combining community-led action with an enterprising approach? I like the sound of that. I love the ethos of Community Development Trusts of just getting things done, being wholly community-owned and working collaboratively, to unlock the capacity of communities in these hard pressed times.

The multi-sport facility at Kettilstoun is such an exciting project. Since starting in this post it has been fantastic speaking to people about the plans and seeing the amount of support from across the community. Looking to the future I feel privileged to be helping the Trust work towards the challenge of Linlithgow realising its full potential, capitalising on our wealth of assets and working together with the plethora of community groups. Growing our membership, and really engaging with the whole community is going to be key for the future and what we can achieve. I’m really looking forward to this and helping the Trust become an established part of community life in our wonderful town.

More details about our community engagement plans will follow shortly. But in the meantime if you’re involved in a local community group (or just fancy a chat!) I’d love to hear from you. You can email me on, call 07981 922 490 or pop into the Vennel office across from the library anytime during school hours.

Pamela Barnes Development Worker

Susan Miller – Development Worker

My grandad was born in Linlithgow in 1902 and my family has strong roots here. I lived in Linlithgow until I was 18 and then not wanting to go far just attended University in Stirling to gain a degree in HR and Psychology before coming back to Linlithgow to live. Although I recently moved to Polmont, I still come home to Linlithgow lots with friends for food and drinks. You just can’t keep me away really. With family in England and America, I loved when they visited and I could tell them about the history of Linlithgow and just show them around and agree with them as to how pretty the place is.

Seeing your town afresh through visitor’s eyes always re-energised me as to how much I love our town. I started my work life with a firm of clinical and occupational psychologists in Edinburgh and then worked
as a self-employed consultant for the Ministry of Defence, BP and other large clients. I then joined a recruitment process outsourcing company based in Linlithgow and managed school leaver and graduate recruitment for huge firms like Microsoft, DHL and Amazon. I always think it’s amazing what little businesses operating in the town are up to and most of us are unaware of how ‘big’ their customers might be. We employed lots of young school leavers, mums returning to work and other local people.

That business was then bought by a European PR and software company and whilst many of them still work there, lots have moved on to other great roles elsewhere. I ended up being the Head of Consulting and then the Director of Corporate Development for that organisation before leaving 4 years ago to join the charity sector. I now sit on a board of a youth charity in Edinburgh and am the enterprise manager for a community development trust in Rutherglen managing their social enterprises and fundraising activity so have gained some great experience. I’m a talker and a listener and I love learning. I am always wanting to find out what others think and how we can improve things for the better.

I love when people share knowledge, ideas and resources, so that’s one of the things I will want to try to achieve in this job. I want community groups and businesses operating in Linlithgow to benefit from the hard work that they all put in and be stronger together.