EH49 Hub

The Main Hall

The main hall events space is large and spacious (without all those pesky books! – only kidding) and can hold exhibitions, performances, meetings, exercise classes, workshops/ training events and much more.  It’s a totally flexible space which typically could accommodate c 50 people.  At the moment we are limiting numbers in this space to 30. 

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Holmes Photography

The Kid’s Library

Perhaps you remember being in here reading books as a wee one or taking your own wee ones into this area in the old library? The Kid’s Library space is suitable for meetings, classes and smaller groups – you can seat 10-12 in this space comfortably around tables or classroom style. 

Image courtesy of Rebecca Holmes Photography

The IT Lab – Our Co-working Space

Maybe you remember being in this space using the old library’s computers!  Whilst it can be used like the Kid’s Library for meetings, classes and smaller group get-togethers this space during weekday times will be available for co-working. We know that many people are feeling isolated having to work alone from home all the time or you may just want to meet up with some new folks, share ideas, knowledge and experience and maybe resources or maybe just even have a cuppa with someone whilst you work. If so then this space is for you. 

Images courtesy of Rebecca Holmes Photography

Our Rates

Please see our rate card for our hire costs. Please do chat with us if our prices don’t work for your budget and we’ll see what we can do. E-mail or call 01506 846991 to chat and find a time to come in and see us.

The Tool Library

Our EH49 Hub also hosts the Tool Library. Don’t buy when you can borrow! We provide members with access to tools and equipment for DIY, woodworking, decorating, gardening and more. The majority of our inventory has been donated by other members and individuals from the local community.  The Tool Library will be open on Mondays from 10am to 12pm and Wednesdays at 6pm for collections or drop offs.  If you’d like to donate, learn more about how to become a member or volunteer then find out more here