Linlithgow Coronavirus Support Service on Pause

Alan Miller Coronavirus Volunteer Coorindator

The Linlithgow Coronavirus Support group is pausing its service from Friday August 14th.
The service was established by the Linlithgow Churches working in partnership with Linlithgow & Linlithgow Bridge Community Council and Linlithgow Community Development Trust. The service is ensuring that no-one is left without support beyond August 14.
The group is made up of over 100 volunteers and since March has responded to over 200 requests for practical support. This has been mainly either shopping for clients or collecting prescriptions. A smaller number of people have sought and received on-going emotional support by phone. However, the number of requests has gradually reduced, from up to 20 a week in the early days to less than one a day in recent weeks.

Service co-ordinator Alan Miller (pictured above) said “Many regular users of our service have now found other forms of support, which is great. Thankfully, the fact that shielding has been paused also means many more people are once again able to be self-sufficient.” Alan also said “People have headed out in all weathers and sometimes at very short notice to deliver urgent prescriptions, or to shop for all sorts of necessities. Clients have been extremely appreciative.”

The service can be restored very quickly if, unfortunately, that proves necessary in the future. However in the meantime, a very big thank you to all the volunteers in the group for their fantastic efforts over the last five months!
It has been fantastic to see so many people within the town volunteering their time during lockdown. Linlithgow Community Development Trust are keen to harness those volunteers and anyone else who may be interested in volunteering.

We are currently working on the volunteering directory on My Linlithgow to ensure we can advertise opportunities within the local area for those keen to continue volunteering. You can view current volunteering opportunities here.
We are also investigating setting up a Timebank in Linlithgow. Timebanking is a way you can give your time in the community to meet people, swap skills and get some help back. Timebanks run all over the UK and there is a network organisation Timebanking UK.

Locally there is a Timebank already set up in Fauldhouse & Breich Valley Community Development Trust if you want to see an example of what’s going on.
If your garden is unruly or the walls need painting, a Timebank can find someone to do your jobs in return for you helping someone else. That could be anything from doing some shopping, knitting a jumper, or providing some help on using a computer!
You bank your hours and then can donate them to a friend/family member/charity or take them yourself, it’s totally up to you! Watch this space for more information or email if you’re interested in finding out more.